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China Hopes US Will ‘Stop Single-Handedly Blocking’ UN Security Council in Gaza Cease-Fire

China expressed hope Tuesday that the US will “stop single-handedly blocking Security Council resolutions” that seek an immediate cease-fire in Gaza to prevent an “even larger humanitarian catastrophe.”

“The international community has been calling more strongly for a cease-fire. The UN General Assembly has adopted two resolutions with an overwhelming majority,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin noted in a news conference in Beijing. “We hope the US will listen to the voice of the international community.”

“I want to stress that China does not have selfish interests in the Middle East and does not seek to form exclusive blocs in the region. China always supports the people in Middle Eastern countries in keeping the region’s future in their own hands, ” he said.

China, he said, is ready to work with Arab-Islamic countries to firmly support the Palestinian people’s “just” cause of restoring their “lawful national rights.”

“Since the Palestinian-Israeli conflict broke out, China has been committed to promoting a ceasefire, protecting the civilians and easing the humanitarian crisis, ” he maintained.

In recent years, he went on to say, Beijing has proposed a five-point initiative on achieving security and stability in the Middle East, a four-point proposal for the political settlement of the Syrian issue and a three-point vision for the implementation of the two-state solution to the Palestinian question.

China has provided multiple batches of aid, including humanitarian cash assistance, food and medicine to the people in Gaza, he added.

Source : AA