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Georgia Election Workers Seek Order to Prevent Giuliani From Continuing to Say He Told Truth in Defamation Case

The two Georgia election workers at the center of the defamation damages trial facing Rudy Giuliani have filed a motion to stop the former Trump attorney from continuing to say he told the truth about them committing election fraud in 2020.

A judge has already determined that Giuliani defamed mother and daughter Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss. The trial that began Monday is D.C. federal court is simply to determine how much he must pay them in damages.

The pair are seeking $15.5-$43 million in damages after they were subjected to a harassment campaign following the 2020 election as former President Trump and allies, such as Giuliani, focused in on them for their work on Election Night at State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Most infamously, Giuliani and others insisted on a narrative – determined by the Georgia State Election Board to be “false and unsubstantiated” – that they took “suitcases full of ballots” out from under tables after most other election workers and observers left and proceeded to manipulate the election count.

Freeman and Moss later testified to the Jan. 6 Committee about how their lives were turned upside down by the harassment campaign.

In the filing submitted Monday night following the first day of the damages trial, Freeman and Moss say Giuliani is violating court orders by continuing to claim he in fact told the truth – when the court already deemed he did not.

Citing an ABC News report, the filing says Giuliani said Monday as he left the courthouse that, “When I testify, the whole story will be definitively clear that what I said was true,” and, “Of course I don’t regret it… I told the truth. They were engaged in changing votes.”

The filing states: “Needless to say, were Defendant Giuliani to testify in a manner remotely resembling those comments, he would be in plain violation of the Court’s prior orders in this case conclusively affirming, and reaffirming, that all elements of liability have been established, including that Defendant Giuliani’s defamatory statements were false.”

The filing also seeks to prevent Giuliani and his lawyers from arguing two other things: One, that other people are “responsible for a significant portion” of the defamatory injuries the jury is weighing; and two, that he would not be able to financially bear a significant judgment against him.

Source: 11alive