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New Local Elections in Central Georgia Lead to Run-off Results

In Central Georgia, recent local elections resulted in several run-off contests as no candidates reached the 50% threshold. Residents from various areas in the region went to the polls once again to choose between the top two frontrunners from the initial round of voting.

Fort Valley saw run-off elections in a few city council races, including the east ward, west ward, and city-wide seat. In the east ward, Sandra Marshall gained 70% of the votes, while Lonzo Allen secured 30%. For the west ward, Henry Howard emerged as the winner with 55%, defeating Marcus Agostino who received 45%. Lastly, Larhonda Eason triumphed in the city-wide seat with 58%, surpassing Scott Morrill’s 41%.

Meanwhile, in Forsyth, only one contest led to a run-off – city council post 3. After Daren Latch’s elimination, the remaining candidates, Lois Allen and Rosemary Walker, faced the voters again. Ultimately, Allen emerged victorious with 60% of the votes, while Walker received 40%.

The mayoral election in the town of Davisboro, located in Washington County, also resulted in a run-off. With a total of 157 votes cast in the first round and 149 in the second, Valerie Gail Brown emerged as the next mayor, securing 66% of the votes. Randall McNeely received 34% of the votes.

These run-off elections demonstrate the continued engagement and participation of Central Georgia residents in local politics. With the finalization of these election results, communities in the region can proceed with their chosen candidates leading the way.

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