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This is Cut-throat,” Georgia Player Podcast Sounds Off on Nil, Portal and Recruiting

Malaki Starks says he sees Georgia’s elimination from the national championship hunt as an opportunity for the program to grow.

At the same time, Starks and podcast co-host Miles Thornton have no issues with coaches and teammates seeking out opportunities elsewhere.

“You’ve got to understand,” Thornton said, “this is a business, this is cut-throat.”

The No. 6-ranked Bulldogs are scheduled to return to business with a 4 p.m. Orange Bowl game against on Dec. 30 undefeated and No. 5-ranked ACC Champion Florida State.

Georgia can match 2015-2017 Alabama for most wins against Top 5 teams over a three-year period (7) with a victory over the Seminoles and beat an undefeated team in the postseason for the third time in four years (Cincinnati 2020, Michigan 2021).

Starks, who must play one more year before entering the NFL draft, is clearly eager to get back to work.

“This is a growing opportunity, not only for our team, but for our coaching staff, everybody in the building,” Starks said. “You can either grow from it, or you can let it tear you down.

“Everyone is excited for what’s to come. We have a bunch of amazing guys on the team, guys who are ready, so the next opportunity we have will be a great opportunity to see what we can do with it.”

Starks’ sentiment on the 27-24 loss to Alabama is the same as it was in the postgame, when he said “it sucks” more than once.

“Just like me, a bunch of guys in that locker room … we hate losing more than we love winning, (and) when that clock ran out and we didn’t win it sucked,” Starks said.

“You really see what you’re made of when things don’t go your way or when things don’t turn out the way you expect them to turn out.”

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