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Biden Compares Russia’s Actions in Ukraine to Holodomor Famine

The White House on Saturday reaffirmed its commitment to Ukraine in a statement marking the anniversary of Holodomor, drawing parallels between Russia’s offensive and the 1930s Soviet-imposed famine that killed millions of Ukrainians.

“Today, Ukraine’s agricultural infrastructure is once more being deliberately targeted—this time by Vladimir Putin as part of his drive for conquest and power,” President Joe Biden said in the statement, further citing “the inhumane policies of Josef Stalin” that included “death by hunger.”

“Putin is hurting the world’s most vulnerable communities, for Russia’s profit,” he added.

Many Republicans oppose any further assistance to Ukraine and question the strength of Kyiv’s counter-offensive, but Biden has continued to be outspoken in his support even as additional aid has stalled in Congress.

“We also recommit ourselves to preventing suffering, protecting fundamental freedoms, and responding to human rights abuses whenever and wherever they occur. We stand united with Ukraine,” Biden said.

Source : politico