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Doctors Provide Tips to Help Avoid Respiratory Infections

PHILADELPHIA — The season for respiratory infections has arrived. 

Tens of thousands of people will be gathering at a variety of sporting events over the next few days. It’s those big crowds where people can easily get infected, which is why safeguards are important.

People will be packed into the stadium cheering for the Phillies at parties and in bars too. The Flyers are also in action and a big soccer game will be at the Linc.

Doctors are concerned with all the gatherings that infections could easily spread. It also happens this time of year when the cooler weather has more people inside.

“This is the season where respiratory virus tends to occur,” Dr. Jesse Bracamonte from Family Medicine said. 

Overall COVID-19 levels are currently dipping, but it remains a concern as it has caused nearly all virus-related hospitalizations since the start of the year, according to the CDC.  


Several respiratory viruses traditionally start circulating now including the flu. Doctors are reminding people about healthy habits to prevent illnesses.

“Make sure you get plenty of rest. You’re eating healthy. You’re exercising. You’re taking care of yourself,” Bracamonte said. 

This season there are also vaccines to guard against three major respiratory illnesses: flu, RSV and COVID-19.

“These are effective for helping to prevent severe threating infections of these viruses, so consider that,” Bracamonte said. 

Doctors say if you’re sick, stay home. This will help stop the spread and protect those who are vulnerable to severe illness.  

“It’s not worth going to your social event or work when you can stay home and hopefully prevent your colleagues or family members and friends from getting sick,” Bracamonte said. 

Remember the importance of washing your hands regularly. This is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick. Doctors say people in high-risk groups should probably consider masking up when they’re in crowded indoor locations.

Source : CBS News