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‘Fashion Reimagined’: New York Designer Transforms Gunny Sack Into Trendy Jacket

A New York designer has demonstrated how fashionable and trendy items of clothing can be created sustainably from discarded items.

Popular account Now This (@nowthisnews) took to X, formerly Twitter, to share a video of Chris Mena, who creates ready-to-wear garments from discarded items. The designer showed how he turned a gunny sack or a burlap bag into a trendy jacket.

Mena said he just scavenged some bags and showed how he went on to turn them into trendy garments. He said he was going to be using a heat machine called DigiHeat. He set the temperature at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to press the interfacing on the back of the burlap bags to the bags themselves. “We do this so that it stays sturdy throughout the everyday wear,” he said.

The next stage involved checking out the patterns, and he said they were working on a large size. He pulled out the pieces and cut the burlap sections. He cut the front of the bag and selected the words that he wanted to display on the jacket.

Then he cut the lining, choosing a polar fleece that can help keep people warm during the winter. The next process was to pick the leather for the collar. He said he uses recycled leather that he gets from different leather factories around the city or different vendors that have recycled leather.

One of the final steps was sitting down at the sewing machine and putting the whole jacket together. Then he showed the final product and said they range in pricing from $2,400 (Rs 2 lakh approximately) for the big ones, the burlap bombers, down to $1,400 (Rs 1.16 lakh approximately) for the M65s and around $750 (Rs 62,000 approximately) for the denim jackets.

Source: Indianexpress