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Finding Inner Peace: 10 Inspiring U.S. Destinations For A Spiritual Retreat

Consider any of these magical places in the U.S. with the perfect settings to inspire inner reflection.

There are those moments in life when people constantly daydream of ditching their everyday routines. After all, the stressors, especially in busy cities, that make life miserable and exhausting are unending. Such instances call for a spiritual retreat that creates a breathing space for reflecting on the meaning of existence, finding comfort and solitude, and meeting with God in silence.

Whatever a spiritual retreat means, whether being in an untouched environment or a place of religious significance, there are many must-go destinations that provide a sense of serenity and calmness. But today, we focus on those in the U.S. that allow those ailing to seek enlightenment and inner peace.

10. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Believed to be a sacred location, Santa Fe attracts travelers seeking spiritual enlightenment with its mystical vibe. The Upaya Institute and Zen Center is the go-to Buddhist monastery for Zen meditation sessions, dharma talks, and Buddhist teachings. The center also holds weekly retreats focusing on living responsibly with kindness and wisdom. Tourists drive 27 miles north of Santa Fe to explore the unique centuries-old El Santuario de Chimayo. The church has four chapels, but one makes the headlines for its holy dirt, believed to have healing powers.

9. Crater Lake, Oregon

The Klamath Native American Indian tribe recounted how Mount Mazama blew up to form a crater that transformed into a lake. They believed the Crater Lake was a portal between the human and spirit world. Although the tribe still performs religious rituals in the area, Crater Lake has gained more popularity for its panoramic views that relieve stress. Adventurers hike around the deep blue-colored lake as they admire the lake and summit vistas. And truth be told, exposure to this awe-inspiring natural beauty improves one’s mood by a great deal.

8. Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

Haleakala National Park is a rare and sacred volcanic landscape with a sub-tropical forest where adventurers go to renew their spirits as they hike. Haleakala means House of the rising sun and stays true to this meaning by providing a crater known for stunning sunrise and sunset views. Hawaiians come to the Haleakala Crater to thank the sun for its revitalizing power. That’s not all! The volcanic top has a frequency that matches the human heartbeat rhythm, creating a nurturing feeling believed to be from Mother Maui.

7. Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

Mount Mitchell is the highest of the Appalachian Mountains at 6,684 feet, luring hikers with extensive trail networks and campgrounds. Additionally, there is a deck that provides staggering blue sky and mountain views on a clear day. One of the best ways of basking in the beauty of this mountain and its surrounding is by hiking from Black Mountain Campground to the summit of Mount Mitchell. Although this is a challenging hike, travelers enjoy the much-needed solitude for introspection as they reconnect with nature.

6. Monument Valley, Arizona-Utah

The Navajo Nation, the largest reservation in the United States, considers Monument Valley the heart of the earth as it is a sanctuary for nature and spirit. The valley has a rich ancestry and spiritual history, as shown by the presence of drawings the ancestors left behind. Explorers take Navajo Spirit tours to delve into the spirituality of the Navajo people as they learn about their leaders and spiritual healers. A combination of sheer beauty on land with so much history drives people to have a deeper connection with others and themselves.

5. Mount Shasta, California

Regarded as the earth’s root chakra, Mount Shasta sits in northern California and towers 14,179 feet high. It’s more than just a hiking destination, as Native Americans visited the mountain to perform rituals as they believed it was the creator’s birthplace due to its high energy. Legends also say creatures like bigfoot and seven-foot-tall Lemurians inhabit the mountain. Today, the mountain draws spiritual seekers with its magical energy that provides guidance, renewal, and transcendence. Besides the spiritual properties, Mount Shasta is a magnificent sight to behold and one of the must-visit destinations for outdoor enthusiasts.

4. Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

A visit to the Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas is a treat for the body, mind, and soul. The serene environment with ancient thermal natural springs, forested hikes, and creeks make this park a must-visit in Arkansas. Since there are no outdoor soaking opportunities, the park is home to the historic Bathhouse Row, which has two facilities for submerging and relaxing in the thermal water. Additionally, the park has the tree-shaded Display Spring, where visitors sit to listen and touch the water.

3. Joshua Tree National Park, California

Joshua Tree National Park is a world-famous attraction that exudes a sense of mystery and magic with its uniquely shaped Joshua trees, believed to attract alien life and cholla cacti. The impressive Joshua trees show why this national park attracts droves of nature lovers to its untamed stretch of desert land.

Visitors seeking a rejuvenating experience go for a 60-minute sound healing session at the Integration Building near Joshua Tree. The benefits of this sonic treatment with quartz singing crystals include heightened awareness, peacefulness, and intense relaxation of the body and mind.

It’s easy to get carried away by Joshua Tree National Park’s beauty, but here are the don’ts adventurers should observe.

2. Sedona, Arizona

Known for its red rock buttes, whimsical pine forests, and incredible hiking spots, Sedona has everything a traveler could ask for an adventure-filled getaway. But there’s more to this scenic destination. Sedona has four energy vortexes that spiritual seekers seek: Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Cathedral Rock. For a powerful experience, travelers sign up for a guided tour of the Sedona spiritual vortexes, especially at Cathedral Rock. Meditating on this spot connects spiritual seekers with the earth’s energy and sanctions deep knowledge from within.

1. Big Sur, California

Big Sur is one of the most scenic regions along the California coast, with top-rated attractions stretching between Carmel and San Simeon. On one side, there are golden sandy beaches along the Pacific Ocean, while on the other, the Santa Lucia Mountains sit majestically awaiting keen adventurers. Travelers either drive along the winding Highway 1 as they stop by to admire the scenes or hop into one of the wellness-focused resorts like the Alila Ventana Big Sur. This resort offers yoga classes and guided meditation on its breathtakingly beautiful premises.

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