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Florida Attorney General Launches Investigation Into Florida State Being Left Out of College Football Playoff

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has launched an investigation into Florida State being left out of the College Football Playoff by the selection committee.

Moody’s Antitrust Division sent a Civil Investigative Demand to the committee for information about “possible contracts, conspiracies in restraint of trade or monopolization of trade and commerce relating to anticompetitive effects of the College Football Playoff,” according to a news release.

Florida State went undefeated this past season and won the ACC Championship. However, the team was left out of the playoff in favor of one-loss Alabama — which defeated top-seed Georgia to win the SEC title.

Florida State lost its starting quarterback Jordan Travis due to a leg injury in a game against North Alabama in November.

College Football Playoff Selection Committee Chairman Boo Corrigan said the Travis injury was a factor in why the team was not included in the playoff.

“I’m a lifelong Gator, but I’m also the Florida Attorney General, and I know injustice when I see it,” Moody said in a statement. “No rational person or college football fan can look at this situation and not question the result. The NCAA, conference, and the College Football Playoff Committee are subject to antitrust laws.”

Moody said FSU being left out of the playoff will cost the school and the ACC millions of dollars.

The attorney general’s office is seeking communications about deliberations or to/from the SEC, ACC, NCAA, ESPN, Group of Five conferences, Power Five conferences, or anyone else involved in the deliberations, according to the news release.

“As it stands, the Committee’s decision reeks of partiality, so we are demanding answers — not only for FSU, but for all schools, teams and fans of college football,” Moody said.

“What’s clear is the need for more information about the unprecedented decision made by a group of 13 in secret, that for the first time ever, left an undefeated Power Five conference champion out of the playoff,” Moody said in a video statement.

Source: WFLA