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Imran Khan More Difficult to Deal With Than Shehbaz Sharif: US Senator

Brad Sherman, an American Congressman of the Democratic Party, said that former prime minister Imran Khan was difficult to deal with while incumbent premier Shehbaz Sharif was somewhat easier. 

“Some people would say that America would root for whichever political leader styles themselves as more pro-American has been easier for us to deal with on bilateral issue but […] what comes first is our dedication to democracy and rule of law,” said the US lawmaker while addressing the House of Representatives on Saturday. 

Speaking about the upcoming polls, Sherman said: “The Supreme Court has ordered to hold elections in Punjab and later on in other provinces as well and that is the rule of law.” 

t he believes that the Supreme Court’s ruling is final and non-appealable, adding that the top court has also ordered to release funds for the polls as it is necessary. 

“America stands not with this policy or that policy or a government that will agree with us on an issue but it stands for democracy and the rule of law,” he stressed. 

Sherman also said that the US stands with human rights, the right of free speech and the right to express one’s opinions, expressing his concern about the “terrible disappearances, human rights abuses and substantial evidence of torture”. 

The US senator called for human rights and democracy and the rule of law in Pakistan, assuring that Washington stands with its dedication to democracy and human rights and not with short-term bilateral concerns. 

He spoke about the national elections in Pakistan set for October, saying that nothing is more important than timely, constitutional, transparent elections. 

“Nothing is more important in Pakistan than letting whoever wins the elections govern the country,” he added. 

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