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Japanese-based Chain Pepper Lunch to Enter Florida Market

Pepper Lunch, a Japanese-based restaurant chain, announced Tuesday it plans to open 10 locations across Florida within the next five years.

The first eatery in the state will open in late 2024, though it has not yet been revealed where it will be located.

Meanwhile, Ferdian Jap — along with his team, Majestic Restaurant Group — is the franchisee bringing the brand to the Orlando, Tampa and Gainesville area, according to a press release.

Jap grew up with Pepper Lunch in Indonesia, and he said he understands the draw of the unique culinary experience it offers.

He also said that opening this chain in Florida is a testament to diversifying his team’s Asian-focused portfolio and enriching Florida’s food scene, the release shows.

Pepper Lunch calls itself the ‘original DIY Teppanyaki’ — which is like hibachi, as it is a style of live cooking.

However, teppanyaki focuses on small-group dining, whereas hibachi is more of a communal experience, according to Kobe Steakhouse’s website.

Pepper Lunch serves its food on its patented iron plates, which also serve as a cooking surface, making each plate unique. Patrons can choose from sizzling on those iron plates pepper rice, teriyaki, steak seafood, curry, veggies or pasta.

The chain started in 1994 in Tokyo, and it has now grown to over 500 locations across 15 countries. Here in the U.S., Pepper Lunch has locations in California, Nevada and Texas — with plans to also open in Arizona and Hawaii.

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