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New York and New Jersey Are Awful Places to Be Single, According to New Survey

It may be the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of,” but those dreams apparently do not include a dating life.

New York City was rated toward the bottom of all cities in the U.S. for singles, according to a survey by personal finance website WalletHub that ranked cities based on their dating-friendliness.

The city was rated 144th out of 182 cities overall, getting the worst marks of all cities when it comes to economics. It fared only slightly better when it comes to dating opportunities, rated 169th by WalletHub.To add insult to injury for singles, NYC has the highest average rent for a one-bedroom apartment among all the cities included in the survey, WalletHub found. Those units were three times more expensive than one-bedroom apartments in the survey’s least expensive city: Columbia, Maryland.

So even if a single person is going on dates, it can be tough to have any be all that lavish, because so much of their money is going toward rent. But it’s not like that rent money was going to go toward an approaching wedding anyway, right?

Those weren’t the only areas where the five boroughs struggled, though all had to do with money. The Big Apple finished in the bottom five in costs for movies, restaurants and alcohol, according to WalletHub.

NYC did fare quite well in one category: Fun and recreation, where WalletHub rated it third-best in the country (behind just Las Vegas and Orlando, the respective unofficial capitals for gambling and theme parks).

Really it was the entire NYC area that performed poorly on the list. Only one city in the region was rated in the top 50…and it was ranked 50th. That honor belongs to Jersey City, which got above-average marks in fun and recreation (68th) and dating opportunities (38th).

New Haven, Connecticut, was rated 92nd overall, the only other city in the tri-state area to crack the top 100. Newark ranked just behind NYC at 147th overall, WalletHub found. Bridgeport was rated 168th and Yonkers was at 172nd.

The top city for singles was found to be Seattle, Washington, which had strong showings for fun and recreation (5th) and dating opportunities (3rd). Las Vegas, Denver, Atlanta and Austin rounded out the top five.

Despite having the cheapest one-bedroom apartments, Columbia was found to be the worst city in America for singles. Warwick, Rhode Island, was right behind it, along with Brownsville, Texas; Glendale, California; and Pearl City, Hawaii.

Source: Nbcnewyork