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New York Apple Association Ready for Holiday Season

The New York Apple Association is ready to celebrate the holiday season with The Big Flavor of New York apples.

This year, NYAA is sponsoring an Apple Pie Baking Kit consumer sweepstakes on social media and launching holiday videos featuring Bob for Apples from New York, in addition to reminding retailers to cross merchandise.

Cross merchandising ideas include gift-giving, charcuterie and pairing ideas and apple pie baking ingredients with and all the trimmings for family and friend gatherings.

NYAA is featuring its consumer Apple Pie Baking Kit giveaway through the end of December on social media and through banner ads. The giveaway includes a pie dish, apple slicer, gift box of New York apples and apple pie recipes.

The first holiday season video features Bob, who grew up on an apple farm in New York State, unknowingly celebrating “National Ugly Sweater Day.” Bob’s quirky personality and love for New York apples make him the perfect “spokespuppet” to promote New York State apples in fun and knowledgeable ways.

The second video features Bob making his holiday list and checking it twice as he helps a very dear pal — good ole Santa, or as he calls him, Kris since they go way back.

Bob exuberantly begins his list for Santa with a quill and paper. This list is timely as the holiday season is the perfect opportunity for retailers to cross merchandise with gift-giving ideas, starting with New York State apples and offering many favorite varieties for everyone on Santa’s nice list.

Bob for Apples from New York will continue his spokespuppet role by showcasing his culinary skills and love for all New York-grown apples this holiday season by featuring some of his favorite recipes through social media.

“Bob has been busy working alongside the NYAA team in capturing a library of recipe assets to share with apple lovers,” said Cynthia Haskins, president and CEO of the NYAA. “We have delicious recipe options, including appetizers, apple cider beverages, entrees, desserts and more. This year’s New York apple-harvested crop resulted in a good range of sizes and diverse varieties, perfect for setting out for Santa or using for gifts this year.”

NYAA reports that several New York apple shippers have individual cases and gift boxes of apples to ship to retailers and directly to consumers.

“We have a large consumer following because of The Big Flavor New York grown apples deliver,” Haskins said. “The association receives many inquiries, especially during the holiday season, on where to order a case or gift box of New York apples. Our shippers are well-equipped to deliver high-quality fruit this holiday season.”

NYAA reported that in the past 10 years, New York apple shippers have invested in new packing lines and revolutionized its apple storage capacity. The state-of-the-art controlled-storage facilities make New York apples available year-round so consumers can enjoy New York apples during the holiday and throughout the year.

The new packinghouse lines allow operators to isolate and optimize each step of the packing operation, including accurate sizing and product consistency. Apple shipper operations enable packers to build processes centered around food safety and traceability, delivering high-quality fruit to retailers and foodservice industries and directly to the consumer.

“We like to think of ourselves as Santa’s helpers as NYAA encourages a more sustainable future by inviting buyers to source closer to New York apple orchards,” Haskins said. “New York growers and packers are located close to major U.S. population centers, reducing fuel costs and emissions with every load.”

NYAA reminds retailers to provide signage depicting the apple varieties’ flavor profiles and letting consumers know where the apples originate.

“Consumers want to know where their food comes from,” Haskins said. “Plus, merchandised apples are a beautiful addition to the produce department as many color combinations bring the eye directly to the display.

Merchandising with holiday-themed colors will appeal greatly to the collection and appeal to multiple religions and cultures. Themed merchandising tells a story, motivates consumers to purchase, and brings a joyful holiday shopping experience.”

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