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New York City Drops Merch Collection Featuring Most Iconic Resident

Forget what you know about typical New York merchandise – the We Love NYC Collection is merch with a twist, bringing a fresh perspective to the iconic city’s spirit. The line introduces a character that was coined RONY (a.k.a Rats of NY). Similar to New Yorkers, rats have different styles, tastes and absolutely love NYC. This collection is about celebrating the good, the bad and the funky of NYC.

Developed by independent creative agency Founders, the We Love NYC Collection is more than just merch, it’s a tribute to one of the world’s most iconic and vibrant cities. The 19-piece collection captures the essence of New York, reflecting the attitudes and ethos of its people. In a city renowned for its sizable rat population, and most recently the popular rat tours, the collection’s visual identity is spearheaded by a logo of an illustrated native New Yorker rat called RONY (Rats of New York).

One of the main items of the collection is a ‘Stay Trashy’ tote bag, created 100% from NYC black trash bags. Meant to mock the high end fashion designer bags which sell for over $3,000 and who influencers wear proudly across streets of NYC. Weed is finally legal – so some rolling papers with ‘high as a skyscraper’ on the packet is just what you need. Inspired by the TikTok creators scouring the city, a t-shirt reads ‘Don’t ask me what I’m listening to,’ in true ‘mind your business’ New York fashion. Referencing the compact nature of New Yorker’s apartments, a mini handbag declares ‘actual size of my apartment’ in small type in the corner.

As part of the launch of the collection, New Yorkers will wake up on Wednesday Dec. 13th to a series of black trash bags scattered around the city that read ‘Trash Talk’. Each bag contains a QR code that is directed to the e-commerce site where the merch can be purchased. There are a number of OOH executions and a 3D DOOH in Brooklyn that will feature a giant rat trap transformed into a pop up shop showing the full collection.

Tanya De Poli, co-founder of We Love NYC Collection commented, “We felt like NYC could use one more rat. We know there’s an appetite out there for some different style of merch. We’re just taking it to the next level. The good, the bad, and the funky is what makes New York, New York.”

Source: Ibbonline