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New York State Dec Guidance to Avoid Coyote Conflicts

Coyotes are found throughout New York state in rural and even suburban areas. Some towns around Monroe County posted some warnings on social media to residents after an uptick in coyote sightings.

Most coyotes avoid people, but seeing one during the day or hearing them at night can make you wonder what should you do if you come face to face with one. Spectrum News 1 turned to the wildlife professionals at the New York State Department of Conservation for some help.

“There is a lot of concern where things could become problematic and dangerous. We want to prevent that,” said DEC wildlife biologist Mike Palermo.

Palermo says it is common to see coyotes out during the day and as long as they are given their space, coyotes do not typically pose a threat to people or pets.

Palermo says if you see coyotes near your home or on town trails or parks, it doesn’t mean that the coyote is sick or will become aggressive. Some coyotes were recently spotted in the towns of Webster and Irondequoit.

Coyotes may be in search of food that’s left outside or are drawn to areas where people feed wildlife. The DEC says you should never feed wildlife. Coyotes might be checking out uncovered compost bins that attract rodents near a house.

The DEC says if you see a coyote, don’t run or turn your back, but stand your ground.

“One of our first recommendations is that people act aggressive,” Palermo said. “Stand tall and put your arms up and wave them around and yell at that coyote to try and make it notice you and to try and trigger some sort of fear from you as a human. If things don’t change, slowly back away and get out of that situation.”

Coyotes do keep other wildlife numbers in balance. They are omnivores, as they eat meat and plants. Coyote sightings typically increase during January, February and March, when they start to breed.

Source: Spectrumlocalnews