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President Erdogan Reminds US of Historical Responsibility to Stop Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Türkiye’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that he reminded the US of its historical responsibility to stop Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

“During a meeting with (US President Joe) Biden, I reminded the US of its historical responsibility. How can the world shout louder about the need to stop Israel,” Erdogan told journalists on Tuesday aboard his plane returning from Hungary.

Erdogan stated that the US responsibility is to persuade Israel to abandon this “brutality,” to stop this “massacre in Gaza.”

“For weeks, humanity has been saying ‘enough’ both at the UN and in the squares of countries. This outcry resonated in front of the White House and even in the US Congress.

“The US must now stop turning a deaf ear to these calls. Israel is not only striking Palestinians and Gaza; it is hitting humanity. History will judge and condemn those who remain silent. Unfortunately, justice will not be achieved solely through calm in Gaza,” Erdogan added.

Erdogan said that the rightful ones are the Palestinians “who, over the years, have faced the occupation of their country, witnessed the seizure of their homes by terrorists, and have borne the cost for years to safeguard their land.”

He added that it is time to convey this to those who have stopped listening to Palestinians and to take the necessary actions for the punishment of the culprits.

“Today, if we participated in the Riyadh Summit, it was for that reason. If we attended Doha, it was for that reason. If meetings continue to be held there in the future, my colleagues and I will be present for the same reason,” he added.

Accountability for war crimes

Erdogan stated that those who disregarded Türkiye’s announcement regarding Netanyahu’s departure, along with everyone finding it difficult to recognize, will observe his departure.

“Nonetheless, stepping down from his role will not provide him salvation,” he added.

“We will actively seek justice through legal means to hold those responsible accountable for the suffering of the oppressed,” he added.

“Everyone involved in this genocide, not just Netanyahu, will be held accountable for the war crimes they have committed in the eyes of the law. In Israel, strong voices against the Netanyahu administration are starting to rise. For example, the incident of hostages being killed by Israel has increased the level of public outrage. The ultimate avenger is Allah,” he further added.

Erdogan reiterated his stance that Hamas is not a terrorist organization but a political party, therefore they are engaged in the struggle for their rights as a political party.

He reminded that he brought together Al-Fatah and Hamas leaders, namely Ismail Haniyeh and Mahmoud Abbas, in his office, adding: “There is no situation where Al-Fatah and Hamas cannot meet. They are in talks, and it is possible for these talks to progress further,” Erdogan added.

The president also said that there is much Türkiye has done and can do regarding Hamas and Al-Fatah meeting, adding that it is crucial for Fatah and Hamas to “coexist peacefully.”

“Currently, our main concern is how many of the wounded and sick from Gaza we can bring to our country and provide treatment in our facilities. After that, once a resolution is reached, the attacks will end, and our agenda will shift to the reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts in Gaza,” he added.

He also said that it’s a must for all Islamic countries to participate in the reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts in Gaza.

Source : AA