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The Earth calls us to sing and give thanks

In the religious tradition I’m part of, April is Earth Month, in which we observe Earth Day and what it means to be both nurtured by and responsible to the living systems of the Earth.

As one of our primary sources of wisdom, we claim the “interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” This is similar to commitments to “creation care” in other traditions.

This week in this Earth Month, we find ourselves in the fullness of spring! We’re surrounded by color and scent from all directions, and the amazing array of spring greens as life renews, renews, renews around us and within us. A poet realized that when we find ourselves in this season, one of the few words that can describe it is “Alleluia!”

A song we sing together goes like this: “Alleluia! sang stars that gave us birth! Alleluia! resounds our home the earth! Alleluia! shall echo ‘cross the skies, Alleluia! when peace has shown us wise.” — Patrick Rickey

For most of human history, to be religious meant to be deeply engaged in seasonality — to live from the understanding of what each season offered, and what each season required for survival.

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