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Georgia Lt. Gov. Proposes $10k Increase for Teachers, if They Carry a Gun

In just 4 weeks, Georgia lawmakers go back to work. Education is on the agenda. One proposal is to pay teachers more if they carry a gun in the classroom.

Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor wants to pay teachers an extra $10-thousand dollars to be armed in schools, to protect students and increase salaries.

“It is at best a stop gap measure,” said Lisa Morgan, President of the Georgia Association of Educators. “It is a bandaid to try and address the issue of gun violence because arming teachers is not the way to solve this issue that is leading to violence in our schools.”

While teacher pay and school safety is an ongoing issue, not everyone is thrilled with this proposal.

The Georgia Association of Educators say they will introduce new legislation to find other ways to compensate teachers instead.

“The Georgia Association of Educators plans to talk to lawmakers about issues impacting students and teachers. They want to find a way to get more money to keep teachers here due to the teacher shortage and have planning time to help do their jobs and reduce class sizes and concern about a book ban that they want to address so that students have access to all sorts of reading material.”

“Educators are opposed to this but also law enforcement is opposed to this. It is not well thought out. When there is an emergency, as educators our number one task is to keep the students safe, calm and quiet.”

Some teachers say, guns on school grounds, could be dangerous and lead to accidental shootings – but the lieutenant governor says teacher would have to undergo firearm training for safety.

Source: Wrbl